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by kenlavertu on March 27, 2012

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Clean pics, spacious kitchens, and vibrant colors all help sell your home. But the single-greatest factor in selling any property fast is the price point – the first time it’s priced.

Too many sellers chase the market. Set the price high – realtors tell them – leave room to negotiate. You can always lower it, right?

Yes, but what will the wait cost? Added mortgage and utility payments – or even double housing payments if you have to move now – can quickly eat up profits. Sellers try to gain a nickle, but lose ten pennies in the process.

Consider this – studies show that the best chance of selling your home is within the first 5 days it’s on the market! If your price point is too high during this crucial window, your chances to sell quickly evaporate.

So how can you nail the price point? That’s where an honest relationship with your realtor is vital.  I ran across an article recently that speaks to this important topic – What should you expect from your realtor?

If you want a realtor who will honestly assess your home in light of current market conditions, I’m your guy. As a state-certified appraiser with an SRA Designation, I can tell you confidently where the price point should be. I won’t tell you what I think you want to hear – I promise an honest assessment of your home’s value based on legitimate research, not intuition.

Call me today for a free consultation.

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