Selling Tip: Presentation Mistakes

by kenlavertu on June 1, 2012

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I tour lots of homes. And I find the same presentation mistakes over and again. Here’s my list of top five presentation faux pas:

  1. Clutter: Neatly organized homes look bigger, newer, and brighter. Remove items from every flat surface, pick up all items off every closet floor, and neatly organize storage spaces with bins, boxes, or built-in shelving. I’ve toured homes that appear clean and neat when we come through the front door, but when the potential buyer opens a closet, three rooms of junk cascades out. If you simply have too much stuff for your home, rent a storage unit.
  2. Pets: I understand, I’m a dog person – we have two. Fido may love everyone, but not everyone loves Fido. In fact, Fido’s mere presence can turn off potential buyers. So put away the feeding dishes, the litter boxes, the 50 lb bags of pet food, and all pet furniture. Pet odors are a huge turn-off – so shampoo the carpet. And don’t forget to clean the bottom 18 inches of the drapes where the pet rubs against. But most importantly, do not leave the animal at the house when buyers are coming for a tour. Don’t leave it in a crate or lock it in the laundry room. Find a sitter or take the animal to the park while you wait it out.
  3. Entertainment Center: The entertainment center is the focal point of most homes. It’s where the family hangs out, where the kids play video games, and where visitors sit and fellowship. But entertainment centers are bulky, the wires are unseemly, and that carefully organized library of DVDs looks like nothing but clutter to the buyer (see rule #1). While your home is for sale, I strongly recommend moving the entertainment center to a side room, not the central living area. It’s not ideal for your family, I know. It’s just a temporary measure until you move to your new home.
  4. Paint Choices: The candy-apple paint with brilliant white wainscoting looks great in the design catalog, but comes off too bold for most buyers. Just remember that you’re trying to appeal to the broadest possible range of buyers. So go with neutral colors and clean lines.
  5. Dark Rooms: Staging experts recommend three sources of light in each room. Use 100 watt bulbs, open the curtains and blinds, and update light fixtures in every room – even utility rooms. Make sure all the light switches work and are easily accessible. And just before the buyer tours your home, turn on every light in the house. It should be the last thing you do before leaving … with your pet!

If you’re wondering what you can do to make your home more appealing during this selling season, give me a call at 970.663.7070. I promise honest feedback and same-day service.

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