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by kenlavertu on April 28, 2012

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Fort Collins is a four-season city that has surprisingly moderate year-round temperatures. Those new to the area will have to get used to the altitude (about 5,000 feet), but the elevation brings many benefits like an average humidity of just 55.3%. The altitude also keeps summer relatively cool – the average high in July is just 86 degrees. But just because summer is cool, that doesn’t mean the winter is miserable. In fact, the Fort Collins winter is extremely mild with the average January high at 44 degrees. For a little perspective, Chicago’s average January high is just 32, New York’s is 39, and St. Louis’ is also 39.

If you love sunshine, Fort Collins is certainly for you – we usually have over 300 days of annual sunshine and receive just 16 inches of precipitation. But maybe you’re like my daughter and love the snow – Fort Collins has that too with about 59 inches every winter. Though, with the Rockies so close, you can play in the snow just about all year around if you like.

It’s no wonder that Charles Schwab in 2011 voted Fort Collins one of the Top 10 places to retire. With an abundance of activities and great weather, why not live out your golden years in Northern Colorado? If you’re interested in Fort Collins as a great place to settle down, just give me a call. I’d be happy to help your dream become reality.

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