Foreclosures Down … Again!

by kenlavertu June 16, 2012 Featured

Here’s some  great news  for homeowners – nationwide foreclosures hit their lowest point since 2007. More locally, Colorado’s foreclosure rates have been helped by our legislature – Colorado foreclosures do not require a lengthy judicial review process. In fact, in all 26 states that require …

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Short-Sale: What is it?

by kenlavertu May 9, 2012 Featured

It’s a buyer’s market for sure, but many buyers don’t exactly understand the nuances between traditional sellers, foreclosures, and short sales.

Traditional sellers and foreclosures are easier to complete. Both usually close within six weeks of agreeing on a price and foreclosures especially can be great …

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Buying Tips

by kenlavertu May 3, 2012 Featured

I’ve posted a lot of info helping sellers, but buyers should understand several keys before wading into the market. And this is not just for first-time home buyers, even second- and third-time home buyers make common mistakes.

The Down-Payment Matters 

Long gone are the days …

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Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park

by kenlavertu April 24, 2012 Featured

The city of Loveland has become sort of a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. This massive Park- it encompasses over 415 square miles - attracts an astounding three million visitors annually. But more importantly, the Park has a huge variety of activities, vistas, and ecosystems. Intrepid …

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Fort Collins Schools – A Class Above

by kenlavertu April 14, 2012 Featured

A huge factor for buyers with young families is the quality of local public schools. If you’re considering a move to Northern Colorado, allow me to recommend the Poudre School District, which serves the greater Fort Collins area, whose students consistently outperform their statewide contemporaries.

Poudre …

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Selling Tip – the Price Point

by kenlavertu March 27, 2012 Featured

Clean pics, spacious kitchens, and vibrant colors all help sell your home. But the single-greatest factor in selling any property fast is the price point – the first time it’s priced.

Too many sellers chase the market. Set the price high – realtors tell them – …

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High School Atheletic Programs

by kenlavertu March 26, 2012 Featured

Parents invest so much energy into their children’s athletic success that when they move, they want to find the district that maximizes their child’s chances at a college scholarship or even a state championship. With so much information available today, parents can research which schools …

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