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Fort Collins Renting … What’s it to You?

by kenlavertu June 16, 2012 Fort Collins CO Real Estate

Fort Collins recently released some information that could affect the way its residents think about housing. Vacancy rates among rental properties in Fort Collins dropped again, this time to 2.6%, making Fort Collins the least rent-accessible metro area in Colorado. The low vacancy rates have …

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Foreclosures Down … Again!

by kenlavertu June 16, 2012 Featured

Here’s some  great news  for homeowners – nationwide foreclosures hit their lowest point since 2007. More locally, Colorado’s foreclosure rates have been helped by our legislature – Colorado foreclosures do not require a lengthy judicial review process. In fact, in all 26 states that require …

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Buying Tip: Pre-Qualifying

by kenlavertu June 15, 2012 Latest News

Last week we talked about your credit score and down-payment. These are the most crucial steps – cleaning false negatives from your credit report and determining what you can pay. They’re also the two most time-consuming.

Once you’ve done the heavy lifting, you’re almost ready. The …

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Short-Sale News – And it’s Good!

by kenlavertu June 15, 2012 General Real Estate

In a recent blog article, I shared how the short-sale process isn’t so short. But we got some great news this week when Fannie Mae announced streamlined procedures that will speed up short sales considerably.

The details are a little technical, but the bottom line is …

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Great News For Colorado Real Estate

by kenlavertu June 14, 2012 General Real Estate

Because of our proximity to Denver, Fort Collins real estate often mirrors our bigger brother to the south. If that pattern holds, then we received some great news today.

Denver real estate saw a significant uptick in the month of May. Sales for single family homes …

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Selling Tip: What Day of the Week is Best to List?

by kenlavertu June 14, 2012 General Real Estate

With so much competition on the market and so many web-savvy buyers, it’s important for sellers to capitalize on every potential advantage.

If you plan to list your home soon, you should consider some findings from the Redfin Corporate Blog. Their advice? List your home first …

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Selling Tip: Presentation Mistakes

by kenlavertu June 1, 2012 Latest News

I tour lots of homes. And I find the same presentation mistakes over and again. Here’s my list of top five presentation faux pas:

Clutter: Neatly organized homes look bigger, newer, and brighter. Remove items from every flat surface, pick up all items off every closet …

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Short-Sale: What is it?

by kenlavertu May 9, 2012 Featured

It’s a buyer’s market for sure, but many buyers don’t exactly understand the nuances between traditional sellers, foreclosures, and short sales.

Traditional sellers and foreclosures are easier to complete. Both usually close within six weeks of agreeing on a price and foreclosures especially can be great …

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Buying Tips

by kenlavertu May 3, 2012 Featured

I’ve posted a lot of info helping sellers, but buyers should understand several keys before wading into the market. And this is not just for first-time home buyers, even second- and third-time home buyers make common mistakes.

The Down-Payment Matters 

Long gone are the days …

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Selling Tip: Investment Projects

by kenlavertu May 2, 2012 Latest News

Sellers are on a budget as they prepare for re-sale. So which projects will get the most bang for the buck? Here’s some simple Do’s and Don’ts sellers should consider – we’ll list the Don’ts first.


Believe all the reality-show hype about kitchens and bathrooms. Yes, …

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